Für einen Tag waren die Geschwister Andy Tobias, Karin Halvey-Tobias und Orly Tsabarch am 15. Juli zu Besuch in Dülmen, um die Heimatstadt ihrer Mutter zu erkunden. Zurück in Israel, wandte sich Andy Tobias in Mails an jeden einzelnen der Gastgeber, so auch an Christiane Daldrup.


Dear Christiane 

We are back in Israel to 40° C (In Germany this is a little better) after a nice visit to the Rhine and Frankfurt. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful and emotional day we had in Dulmen. The work you and the team are doing is really remarkable and the way you are presenting these dark historical events to the students is really unique and very effective. I hope this program will continue and that soon you will be able to visit Israel. In this case a visit to our Kibbutz Hatzor is a must. It will be a real pleasure to host you and show you around. 

Best of all and keep the good job you are doing 

Hope to see you soon